All our books have been professionally edited and proofed by qualified professionals for publication in the international market as both ebooks and print books. The aim of this process is not to align to a single convention but rather to provide a reader experience that is grammatically and stylistically accessible to readers from diverse English language backgrounds including The United States of America, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. For this reason the text intentionally employs British English spelling with American punctuation conventions and, where deemed appropriate, adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition). Exceptions to this approach, including the use of spelling, style and grammar conventions in aid of specific narative and / or artistic devices, are intentional.  

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For years Lisa Gloag couldn't understand why other people weren't as bothered as she was if they spotted errors in writing. This lead to her getting editing qualifications so she could help the work of others as well as improve her own writing. She still has the self-published books about cave men and princesses that she wrote when she was five years old, and is quietly thankful her taste has evolved since then. Her recurring dream is that every book she edits is grammatically perfect and her nightmare is that this isn't true, that everybody knows, but no one is kind enough to tell her. (She's a good person who doesn't deserve this kind of torture.) So if you see an error please help her out and let her know. 

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