Fascist  -  'a person who is authoritarian' and 'a person who is very intolerant or domineering in a particular area' (Oxford Dictionary)

In politics fascist positions are often described as extremely right-wing and commonly include: 1. A willingness to employ violence to achieve a goal. 2. That goal almost always involves the control of the many by a select few. 3. That said 'select few' are deserving of authority based on a superior understanding of the truth / reality. (Which is why a game of charades at the Fascist Xmas party is just asking for trouble.) 

Liberal  -  'a person willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one's own' and 'open to new ideas' (Oxford Dictionary)

In politics liberal positions are often described as left-wing and commonly include: 1. A willingness to employ mass participation and collaboration to define common goals. 2. These goals almost always relate to a redistribution of wealth. 3. That all fascists are basically bastards but that the liberals are too superior to say so (and can't anyway because that would be intolerant of a different opinion).  


Someone whose personal beliefs lead them to be violently opposed to other people who violently impose their beliefs on people. (Finally a position I can get behind).