Today we are chatting with Finn Bell the author of The Far South Series:

Tell us something unexpected about yourself!

Turns out I’m not entirely human (I’ve had my suspicions for some time). I recently found out that I have some Neanderthal DNA in the mix – some people still do apparently. There’s no specific benefits to having them as they mostly only try to annoy you (through – in my case – funny to severe allergic reactions to almost everything everywhere) and also make you constantly crave fried chicken (has to be true – I’m sure). It’s nice to think, at least, that some 30 000 odd years ago some relative (human or otherwise) took what must have been a pretty big chance on love.

What novels affected you the most growing up?

My reading history is a whole smattering of random books over the years (and growing up is still ongoing over here) but I’d have to say the following authors hit me hard when I was younger (in no particular order): Terry Pratchett, Neal Asher, Jim Dodge, and Stephen King.

Where did the idea for your current book come from?

In my day job I’ve worked in Night Shelters, Charities, Hospitals and Prisons (and various interesting neighborhoods where I got repeat business from the same above client group). Over the years people have told me absolutely amazing things (spanning the human condition from wondrous to grotesque). After a while some of those things started following me home – writing became a way of making sense of it. Eventually that writing coalesced into my first book Dead Lemons.

Do you think there’s any way you could ever run out of ideas for books?

Unlikely, because none of them are mine and none of them are made up. It’s going to sound crazy (especially when you read my books) but thus far everything I’ve put in my stories has been done (usually to someone un-consenting) somewhere in the world. (See my answer to the previous question for context

How important is marketing and social media for you?

I’m only starting out but it’s a big part of my approach so far – Facebook, twitter and website – I have them all (inserting shameless plug: Please visit ). So they will either be lauded as being behind my stellar success or pointed at as part of my abject failure. We’ll see.

What advice would you have for other writers?

Don’t really know if I have any accrued wisdom worth sharing that smarter people don’t already know. Why do I write? I write because it helps me (to at least try) to be a better person. I write what I know, about the things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met.I write because it helps me hold on to some things and helps me let go of others. This all works for me. Whether that will make for good books (that other people get something out of) I don’t know.

What are you reading now?

I’m currently re-reading ‘Fup’ by Jim Dodge. (If you haven’t yet you really should and if you have it’s probably time again.)

What’s your next step?

I’ve recently released 'Dead Lemons' and 'Pancake Money' at the same time. I’m now working on my third due for release April(ish) 2017.