A while ago a reader sent me this question: “If you could summarize your book in one sentence what would it be?” It’s not the first time.

I often get questions along these lines. Questions about the underlying principle or message behind my books. Is there a theme? What are you trying to say? (I’m ignoring the obvious indication that I need to be a better writer. So . . .)

The deeper answer - which I formed long before I started writing - is timeless, complex and layered and can be most clearly expressed as:

I don’t know. I mostly just do stuff.

(This answer, if I’m being honest, possibly applies to more than just writing.)

I’d really like it to be something more impressive but the problem with the truth is that it is. So there.

I couldn’t really tell you why I write, or why I write the things I do. (I could make up something better, but since that’s what writing stories already mostly is I won’t.)

Instead I set out to find an answer (or at least the next best thing). The search was involved and without boundaries. It took time. Today I feel like I’ve come as close as my limited abilities will allow. My answer, if it is out there, is caught somewhere between the following.

Exhibit A:



Exhibit B:



Exhibit C:



If I ever do better I’ll let you know.

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