When a huge earthquake causes massive landslides across the isolated Southern Alps everyone scrambles in a frantic search for victims. No one is looking for a perpetrator.

But hidden now by the anonymous chaos of the massive disaster he seizes his opportunity and takes her. Like so many others who are missing young Sophie is simply counted among the earthquake’s lost. A perfect crime, unseen and unknown. Almost.

Because this time, as he attacks, he’s seen. Caught in the act. But the three brothers, the only witnesses, are themselves not innocent, not safe. Wanted criminals, they are already hunted and on the run. Barely keeping ahead of both the police and the gangs.

Now the sudden disaster and this chance encounter with a criminal much more dangerous than themselves thwarts their desperate flight into the wilds. Trapping all the wrong people in exactly the wrong place. Forcing the three brothers to choose: Between family and what’s right. Would you sacrifice a child to save your family?

The next stunning installment, from award-winning Amazon bestselling author Finn Bell. A dark crime mystery featuring unlikely amateur sleuth anti-heroes dealing out vigilante justice in an exotic rural gothic setting. It’s unorthodox, unusual, unpredictable and unputdownable. A must read for fans of Stieg Larsson’s ‘Girl With The Dragon Tatoo’, Jo Nesbo’s ‘The Snowman’ and Robert Bryndza’s ‘Girl In The Water’ . . . This is a dark, graphic pulp thriller – tense amateur sleuth noir set against the backdrop of the unforgiving underworld of organized crime.

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 ‘. . . definitely worth reading . . . exudes character . . . compelling and accomplished . . .’ – www.Crimefictionlover.com

‘. . . easy to read, almost impossible to put down . . .” – www.Readersfavorite.com 

‘. . . an eclectic-yet-satisfying blend of hard-boiled noir and rural gothic . . . there’s no denying Finn Bell is extremely gifted . . .’ – www.Indiereader.com

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